How to Raise Your Social Status in an Authentic Way?


Social status refers to the lifestyle, rank, dignity, honour, prestige, rights and duties given by the society to an individual out of respect. It is determined and affected by number of factors such as occupation, wealth, education, social circle and family background. It can be either achieved with efforts or imbibed by birth. Various ways of lifting up the social status are:

  • Know yourself more than others know about you
  • Be a socially interactive person
  • Inculcate and practice the art of leadership
  • Be confident and true with your words and actions
  • Have guts to stand out for what is right instead of what is favourable
  • Do not react, instead respond wisely
  • Be the person with magnet in heart and compass in mind
  • Seek attention with efforts and ethical actions
  • Dress up wisely according to the situation
  • Keep a check on body language, give a mild smile and carry gentleman’s attitude
  • Make effective use of accessories such as watches and glasses
  • Be punctual and responsible
  • Do not let others explore you for your bad
  • Visualise your strengths and weaknesses and aim at eliminating weaknesses
  • Do not interrupt the conversation in between
  • Be a learner
  • Be a keen listener, good observer and valued speaker
  • Do not aim at impressing people, it is temporary
  • Be patient in adverse situations

Above all, non acceptable actions such as show off, over politeness and too much frank behaviour should be put aside.

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