How to use a urinal without exposing myself?


Urinals are convenient and sanitary tools for men and boys in the communal bathroom to efficiently use for when nature calls. While urinals made life easier and a lot less messy, it still is a little tricky to use. You may find yourself to a victim of what is called a urinal splashback, or find the bathroom crowded only to use a urinal too close to someone else and feeling embarrassed and worried about exposing yourself.

For a man who doesn’t like peeing in public, trying to not expose yourself in a situation where you desperately need to use the urinal is hard. However, it is no impossible there are tricks and techniques to not expose yourself. How to use a urinal properly without exposing is as below.

Urinal Usage

According to the psychologist, being a shy bladder is common in men. The pee-related tension is one of the most common social anxiety experienced by a male, this is due to the fact that men being vulnerable or discussing their insecurities is shamed upon and discouraged which is extremely wrong.

Which is why it is of utmost importance for men to feel comfortable with their body in public especially since public restrooms are given less choice of privacy and more of standing urinals. Making it fairly hard for men to use the public washroom and wallow in their full bladder misery. To keep that shyness at bay and be able to freely use urinals especially in public, it would be best for men to invest in underwears with a slot that allows the penis to partially escape the cloth and pee freely. This makes it easier to pee without really taking down your whole pant and underwear in process of a simple natures call.

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