The Best Street Shopping Destinations in India


Shopping is a crucial part of travel. India has some great tourist spots and many people travel to different places just to buy new stuff. It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling to have fun, to relax, for business or only to shop. India has some great shopping destinations.

The 5 best places for street shopping:

  • Goa:

There is more to Goa than beautiful beaches and exotic nightlife. Aprora Saturday Night Market is a great night time marketplace lit up with light bulbs and you can buy everything from clothing, handicrafts and home décor.

  • Mysore:

Mysore is the best place for a laid back and relaxed shopping for art lovers. You can buy authentic paintings, handicrafts, and artworks at unbelievably cheap prices.

  • Varanasi:

Varanasi is world famous for the Benarasi Sarees which has made the city one of the busiest shopping places in India.

  • Jaipur:

Fairs and Expos are organized in the Pink City especially for tourists. The marketplaces are famous for their bangles, ornaments and blue potteries.

  • Pondicherry:

While in Pondicherry, Serenity beach bazaar is the best place to enjoy unique beach culture. Famous for its boutiques and Auroville product, Serenity Beach is a heaven for shoppers.

Flea markets are still considered to be the best place to shop and India is loaded with them. Just grab a water bottle, wear comfortable footwear and enjoy one of the best shopping experience.

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